Michaelangelo sculptured a brilliant statue.

A boy looked at it in awe; “It is amazing that you created something so beautiful from a block of stone,” he complimented the artist.

Michaelangelo replied; The statue was always there, so I only chipped away the rough edges.

You are a diamond in the rough. Your brilliance is already there and all that you need to do, is to shine. It is not like you need to change. You only need to change the perspective of how you look at yourself. You need to discover who you really are. You need to see the incredible beauty that already exists in you. You need to see the perfection that is in you.

Think about it. If you believe in God or Higher Power you are created in the very image of that power. You are created in the image of perfection. You are a mirror reflection of that perfection. If you believe in evolution, then you know that evolution creates perfection. So, whichever way you look at yourself you are created perfect. The only thing you need to do is to see that perfection in yourself. You need to change the perspective from which you look at yourself.

Can we truly see ourselves perfect over night? We can. But it is not likely to happen. It is a process of chipping away the judgment that we have about ourselves. It takes time to make the diamond in the rough shine with its precious naturally given beauty. There is something fascinating that happens when we start seeing who we really are. We start seeing that in others. The more we see the beauty in ourselves the more we recognize it in others. The less we judge ourselves the less we judge others. That is the beginning of amazing relationships. As we grow in our understanding of how precious we are, we become wiser. Wisdom comes from the heart. The more love we feel for ourselves the more love we feel for others. It is fascinating how this works! Feeling love for ourselves is appreciating the perfection that we are. At the very moment when we feel love we can’t judge. Love sees only perfection. The key is to feel love as often as we can. With time we see more and more beauty in us and we realize that there is nothing we need to forgive ourselves for. As that occurs, the most fascinating thing that happens at the same time is that we find that we have nothing to forgive others. As our perspective of ourselves changes, the way we view others is being transformed as well. We say that we need to forgive others for what they have done. Then we have to forget. But when we truly start seeing the brilliance in ourselves we see it also in others and we realize that we have nothing to forgive and nothing to forget. How we feel about others is directly related to how we feel about ourselves.

How do we make that brilliance in us shine? We become wise. Wisdom comes from the heart, so in other words we grow the love for ourselves.

So, love yourself more…then love yourself more… then love yourself more…then keep going!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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