When we discover the true power of our minds, the most incredible thing we learn is that wherever we are right now, it is only the beginning. Even when things are going great, when we have lives that are truly amazing, it is only the beginning. That is the best thing that you can ever realize!


Imagine a little caterpillar. That caterpillar eats and grows. It evolves, hardly aware of its true potential. It gathers all the nutrition that is needed to continue on its amazing journey. It devours many delicious leaves in order to progress to the next step. If you look at it, it seems happy. Full tummy and sunshine. The life looks good from the point of a view of a little caterpillar. After a while that little caterpillar becomes bigger and bigger. As it is happy where it is, something fascinating happens. That caterpillar goes through a remarkable transformation. As it thinks that it is the best it can be, something incredible happens. One day it creates an amazing cocoon, where by a touch of a magic wand it becomes the most incredible and most delicate beauty that we can ever imagine. That little caterpillar becomes something completely different. As it emerges from its cocoon, it discovers something it never expected. It has the most beautiful wings and it can fly! As a result it can see the whole world from a completely new perspective. It eats the most incredible food. It feeds on nectar of beautiful flowers and it stretches its spectacular wings to bask in the sun. Has ever that little caterpillar imagined that it was going to be such a beauty? For the little caterpillar the life it had was an amazing life and it was all it knew. But, as it discovered there was more to life, so much more than it ever thought was possible.

The same happens to us when we grow into love. We feed on it, by loving ourselves and others like never before and as a result we go on a journey beyond our dreams. We become calmer and calmer and one day we evolve. We evolve into someone completely new. Someone that looks at his/her life in a completely new way. Someone who truly realize how amazing and special they are. And… as we evolve…our lives evolve with us. It becomes truly amazing!

Do you know what is the best part of it? As we feel more and more love and as a result we become calmer and calmer, our evolution continues. We continuously grow! That is why, wherever you are…it is only the beginning… Tomorrow is going to be even better! A Magical Life is only the beginning! How cool is that!!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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