We have heard legends and stories that there is an ancient formula that is the answer to tapping into the true power of our mind. A formula that when applied can provide us with everything that we would ever want. It would be so wonderful to have that formula, but…is it a myth or a legend? Or…does it really exist? I have the most incredible news for you!!! IT DOES EXIST!!! For REAL!!!! It is at least six thousand years old and when applied it changes everything and I mean everything! First, we learn that we are powerful beyond what we could ever imagine. Then, when we apply it, we realize that our power goes so much further. Actually, we keep discovering new things about the power of our mind every single day. Secondly, we realize that this world works in a completely different way than we thought. Actually, it works the opposite way to everything that we know. Thirdly, we realize that we create everything in our lives. And…that is the BEST news you can ever get!!! It means that everything is up to you!!! How cool is that!!! You have the power to create everything in any way you desire. One of the very important things that you learn is that thoughts are just intentions, directions in which we want to go. We can think about great things, but the only way they are going to materialize is when we feel good. You see feelings create everything. The feeling that we have RIGHT NOW, at this very moment, decides whether the desired situation manifests. It materializes only when we feel good. Our feelings are the most important!!! If we want to create our lives in the way we want we need to feel good. The feelings we are talking about are: love and gratitude. The more love and gratitude we feel the faster and easier we create. The fascinating thing about this ancient formula is that everything is supposed to be easy and fun. When you apply it to the letter, that is exactly what happens. Your life becomes easy and full of fun. Your life is SUPPOSED TO BE easy and fun. You already have everything to become happy and successful. All you need to do is to feel lots of love and gratitude as often as possible and as intense as possible. That includes you, of course. You need to feel love for yourself. You need to start with the most important person in your life and that is YOU! You need to see how special and amazing you are. You deserve the best in your life and you have the power to create it. When you feel more and more love for yourself something fascinating happens. You feel more and more love for everyone and everything else. As you see beauty in yourself, you see new beauty in others. Suddenly, you realize that you are surrounded by beauty. It was always there, but now you are looking at everything from a completely new perspective. You are seeing it through love and gratitude that fills your heart. And…as much love and gratitude you feel today…tomorrow you discover than you can feel it so much stronger…

Then…one amazing morning you wake up to a profound realization. Your life is beyond what you thought it could ever be! It is truly Magical!!! And the best part is…that it was so easy and fun getting there. And…you know that as long as you feel love and gratitude, more and more every single day, the easier and more incredible everything becomes… And…this is ONLY the beginning…

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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