There is so much beauty around us…we just need to stop and appreciate it.

In our very busy world, we go to work and do many extra things. It is like the only purpose we have is to go from one thing to another. But sometimes things happen… and that is the time where we can take advantage of the magic that surrounds us. We can stop and smell the roses. We can hear the birds chirping in the morning. We can see the beautiful plants and flowers. Admire the butterflies and sunrise. Enjoy the spectacular sunset. Those amazing things are always there, ready for us to see and experience them. They are there every moment of our lives. But…why is it so important to notice them? Nature always makes us feel calm. When we watch a little bird having fun, we are transformed to a different reality and we are in the moment experiencing the fun that the little bird has stretching his wings or singing his heart out. That is all that we see, hear and enjoy at that very moment. What happens to the world at this time? What happens to everything else at this very moment? We are with the little bird, thinking and experiencing only the little bird at this moment. We feel good!!! We feel calm.

You see, we experience what we concentrate on at this very moment. When we stop and appreciate the beauty around us, everything else changes in our mind. We are calmer and we look at everything else with a different approach. We know that whatever it is that we would like to change in our lives becomes simpler and easier when we are calm. We are magnificent and strong. We are more than we can ever imagine! Everything is possible for us! But…we need to stop and smell the roses and see how amazing and spectacular we are. We need to go where we can create calmness and nature in its wisdom always provides that. Even in a big city we can see it through our windows. We just need to stop and appreciate it. Stay still for a moment… and notice that the Magic is always there… it always has been and always will be… We just need to see it…

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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