We set goals and now we are on our way to achieve them. How do we stay on track?

Everything starts with the goals that we set. Only when our goals are truly ours and they are fun they create a huge advantage for us staying on track to achieving them. The actions that we take towards our goals have to be fun as well. In other words, for us to stay on track we need to have fun during the entire process.

Let’s me give you an example.

We want to become 30lbs lighter. We get excited about the prospect of wearing smaller dress sizes and looking even more awesome than now. It is the goal that we really, really want. Now, we go about it in different ways. In other words we can take different actions to achieve it. We can go on a diet. Going on a diet means making sacrifices. The word sacrifice has already a negative connotation to it. It means that the path, the actions that we are going to take are not really going to be fun. Can we stick with something that is not fun in order to achieve our goals? For some times we can. But can we stay with it for the rest of our lives to keep that weight at the desired level? No. Sooner or later we start changing our actions to become fun, it means we start eating again the food that we love like chocolate, fries, ice-cream, etc., and the outcome is obvious. We gain the weight back. The only way we can stay on the track is to have fun actions from the start. We eat whatever we want, just smaller portions and have the right mindset. We become lighter, and stay lighter because we are having fun. As a result we look so awesome in that smaller dress and we are still eating chocolate.

I had one client who asked me how can he get excited again about his goal? I replied that the only way he can get excited about his goal is to change it. Sometimes we set a goal that we might think that it is ours, but it was some kind of a suggestion from someone else or we thought it would nice to have. But down deep it was never truly our goal. At the best, our chances of staying on track with that goal are very slim. The excitement about it is going to be short lived and the actions are not going to be so much fun comparing to our goal. The goal that is truly ours is the one where our heart is. So, always make sure that you set goals that are your own desires.

To summarize:

For us to stay on track with our goals, we need to make sure first that it is what we really want. Get excited about them and create fun actions toward achieving them.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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