It is extremely important to understand that in order to create things in our lives the way we desire, we need to stay calm. Calmness is the key to using the power of our mind to our advantage.

Let me tell you a true story. It happened in late 1980’s. I lived in Australia at that time. The story was so big that it was all over the TV News and in the papers. The story happened in the USA. A man, a truck driver, was driving a freezer truck. One day he stopped at the depot to leave his truck and get his car to go home. As he arrived at the depot, he realized that he was the last person there. He parked his truck and he got out of the cab and went inside the back of the truck. He walked inside the freezer to check on something. As soon as he walked into the freezer the door shut and in spite of his efforts it stayed closed. So, he started to bang on the walls to get someone’s attention. But…he was the only person at the depot. After a while, he realized that when the people come the next morning, and being in a freezer that long, was going to produce only one outcome. So, he took one of the hooks that you hang meat on and started to scratch his final letter to his wife and children. As he was doing it, he described in every detail every symptom he had as he was freezing. In the morning they came and found him. He was completely frozen.

Now…are you ready for that?

The freezer didn’t work. It was broken. The temperature was 49 degrees Fahrenheit (13+ degrees Celsius) So, what decided his fate?
His mind!!! That is how powerful you are!!! Now the question is: Can we use that power in the right direction…to our advantage? That is exactly what my clients do when they heal themselves.

You see, we always create what it is that we expect. The man in the freezer expected to freeze. So, he did.

One of my clients had chronic fatigue for two and half years. Chronic fatigue is an incurable disease. He told me that he slept 12 hours a day to be able to function. After I told him this story, he texted me the very next morning that when he woke up his chronic fatigue was gone. He literally healed himself over night! His wife who is a nurse was absolutely astounded. When he came to my office the following week, he was a completely new man. He was rested, he was full of energy and focused. He was my first client that healed himself literally overnight. I asked him. What happened in your mind? I REALIZED THAT I HAD A CHOICE OF WHAT IT IS THAT I EXPECT, he replied. I just saw him recently, 10 years later and he is still perfectly healthy!

The question is: What is that YOU expect? Do you expect to be healthy? Do you expect to be successful? Do you expect to have amazing relationships? What is it that you expect? Because, we always create what we expect.

So, have a picture in your mind of you being healthy and successful in every area of your life. That picture repeated over and over with the feeling of love for yourself, everyone and everything else creates those expectations.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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