If we truly want to stand out from the crowd in our profession, whether we have a job or we own a business we need to do some very important things. There are some basics attributes that we need to take into calculation as well as some that are outstanding.

Let’s talk about the basics, first. We need to look the part. In other words we need to dress for success. Depending on our profession we need to look the best. Always nice and neat. We need to be on time. My boss from Australia, on one of the meetings, said something so brilliant: “If you can’t be on time, be early”.  Whether you live close or far from the place of work or the appointment you are going to, leave earlier. This way you give yourself a fair chance to be on time. It is very important you do that. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel, so when we are relaxed getting to our destination, because we have extra time on our hand, we are preparing ourselves for success. Remember, calmness is the key to creating what it is that we desire. Being calm is a great way to start our day. There is one more thing we need to wear during the day and that is a smile. When we smile, we feel great. When we feel good, things go our way. Looking great, being on time with a big smile, that already takes us to the next level.

Those were the obvious basic things, but for us to truly stand out from the crowd, in what we do, we need to take a unique approach. We are going to become truly amazing in our profession if what it is that we do is our passion. If we want to take that to a higher level again, we need to become very knowledgeable about our profession. We study the incredible people that already do the same and we learn from them. We learn by reading books, articles and study information on the internet, or we literally gain our knowledge from them personally, and we become the best we can in what we do. But if we want to take a lead in our line of profession, we need to something extraordinary. We need to start creating our own way of doing things. To summarize, we learn as much as we can from all the possible sources about our profession. We follow the best for a while. But if we want to lead, we need to become exactly that – Leaders. In other words we need to develop something that is totally unique to us. Then and only then we will start leading in our profession. We might wonder that is like climbing Mount Everest. Yes, it is, but the great news is that if you are really passionate about what you do and you truly want to stand out from the crowd, and you follow your intuition/gut feelings, they will lead you in the right direction.

One of my clients was a life coach. She liked what she did. Liking is OK, but we need to love what we do in order to become outstanding. I could see her developing a passion that was completely different from life coaching. I encouraged her at the very beginning to follow it. I became her first social media client. All she needed was a tiny spark that ignited the avalanche of passion that followed. She threw herself into learning about social media all she could. She read and followed the advice of the best social media experts…until…she realized that she had her own brilliant approach that was different from theirs. She followed her gut feelings and she became a social media genius. She already is becoming well known as she has the unique brilliant flexibility to adjust and take advantage of the constant changes on the internet. We need to learn from the best, to become the best. We follow the finest for a while, but for us to lead in our industry, we need to develop our own approach. She did exactly that. Her name is Mary Anne Cipressy and I see her leading the social media profession in a big way in a very near future, as people are already learning from her.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Do what your passion is, look the part, behave like a very successful person, expect that things go your way, be professional, calm and smile often. Learn from the best and develop your own way of doing what you love.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. I agree with you , Amanda. Being on time or a little early does bring a calmness to the situation. I am in Buffalo right now with my brother, Michael, trying to help out . He received ,Paulette’s stem cells back in Nov . Still trying to win the battle . Please send some love our way . Sincerely, Vickiann

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