How quickly would you like to achieve your goal? You might say: What kind of question is that?

Raised in this microwave society we want things to happen right here and right now. But things happen differently when we look at manifestations. Can we create things fast? Yes, we can! But here… is a very interesting thing on how that happens.

We need to realize that our mind works in a different way than a microwave. In order for us to create something in our lives fast we need to have the right mindset. That right mindset can only happen when we are calm. We need a different level of calmness depending on what we want to create. Sometimes we find that we can create little things really fast. Those little things require a different level of calmness than the bigger things. For us to create the more significant outcomes we need to bring our calmness to much higher levels. To simplify; the calmer we are the faster we create. To become really good we need to become patient. The more patient we become the faster we manifest.

Let me give you an example.

One of my clients, a doctor, wanted to have three more new patients. He wanted two more for that day and one more for the following day. He put in his mind a snapshot of what he wanted. Two hours later, the manager of his office informed him that she just booked three new patients. Two for that day and one for the next.

How could he create three new patients so fast? He was already in the right mindset. It means that he was very calm.

What originates calmness? We create everything by the way we feel. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become calm. As we feel more love for ourselves and others and more gratitude for everything that we have, we find that our calmness keeps growing until we become patient. When we are patient the speed with which we create increases rapidly.

Before you want to create anything, feel lots of love and gratitude. That will create calmness. Then, put in your mind a snapshot of what it is that you want. If your calmness in on the right level, you will create what you want.


Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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