No matter from which country we come and in which country we live, we all have similar desires. We all want to be happy, have great relationships, great careers, etc. I have clients from all over the world, Canada, UK, Germany, Qatar, Israel, India, etc. People from 125 countries read these blogs and receive my inspirational messages called Thought Mail. Last year, thanks to all of you wonderful people my blogs had 815,000 views. This year, I already have over 500,000 views. Why? Because, we all look for new ways to increase our happiness! I have people who come to me to improve all aspects of their lives, but I also have many people who come to me who are very happy in every area of their lives. Those people are already very successful, with great relationships, health, money, etc. They come because they want to take their lives to a new and higher level. One of these clients, told me that when he sat down and started to write a testimonial for me he had to stop. He started to cry. He already had an amazing life before he came to see me, but everything changed so much, became even so much better, that he was deeply moved by what his new life looks like. He made the changes himself. All the credit goes to him. I only taught him how to think to go beyond what he already had.

What is it that I taught him and the other people? Beside the formula on how to access our minds 100% and how to use that incredible power we all have, I showed them something we never think about in our lives. Love. We all think we understand what love means. We look at this word or this feeling and we think that we know what it is that we are talking about. The truth is that we have no idea what true love really means. We have never experienced it! And I really mean it! Have we ever looked at ourselves with so much love that we never judge ourselves? Do we see ourselves perfect? I don’t mean to be conceited. I mean being perfect is looking at ourselves with pure love that never judges. When we do that we will see others through the same love. We will look at everyone with no judgment whatsoever! The truth is that we have never done that before. Why? Because, we have never reached that kind of love towards ourselves.

The world is really small when we think about, we all want to love and be loved. We might speak different languages, have unique cultures, but there is one thing that we all have in common and that is love. The power of love goes beyond anything we can ever imagine. Love is the only power that uses no power, yet is the most powerful of all. We need to take that love that we understand to a new level that we have never ever experienced in our lives. We need to start with loving ourselves like we have never loved before. We need to see ourselves as special, brilliant and amazing. You are more powerful that you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams. You are more special than you could ever think! In order to bring that power to the surface we need to love ourselves in a completely new way. No more beating ourselves about anything. No more judgment! If we do or create something we don’t like instead of beating ourselves we just say that we are learning! We are all learning how to love ourselves. So, tell yourself throughout the day, “I love you, (your name)” many times. Over and over. Do you realize what is going to happen? You are going to go into unchartered territory. You are going to love yourself more than ever before and when you do, your life is going to a level not known to you! It is going to become truly magical!

So, love yourself more, then love yourself more…then…love yourself more…then keep going!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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