There are many people who are always in a hurry. I was one of those people.

One of my clients, a retired lady, told me that she always rushed things. She is always in hurry, busy and she has little time to do everything. When we are married with children, having a job or a business, working long hours and still have many things to do after work we develop a very interesting habit. We rush everything. We might say that there are only so many hours in a day and so much to do that we need to hurry to be able to fit everything in that short day. And then…when we retire we take that habit with us, even when we have a whole day to do whatever we want.

Let’s analyze it.

The most important thing is to have the right mindset in order to create what we desire. When we have lots to do in a short period of time, the first thing we need is to become calm. As we stay calm we find out that we do much more in a shorter period of time. Why? Because, when we are calm things go smoother and easier. That is why a sales person can be #1 in their office working only 10-15 hours a week comparing to someone working 60-70hours a week, because that person is calm. When we are calm we make a sale, have happy clients, have well behaved children, great relationships, etc. It almost feels like the day is stretching and we can fit in it so much, only because things go smoothly. And as the final result we do so much more and achieve so much more in a shorter period of time.

To summarize it:

We need to slow down our hurrying mindset until it becomes calm. The calmer we are the more patient we become and we do and create things so much faster and easier.

So, put in your mind that you have more than enough time to do whatever it is that you want and have lots of fun doing it!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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