It is very important to know where we are going and that it why we need to set goals for ourselves. The key is to set them in the proper way.

How do we do that?

Do you know the story about Aladdin and the Gene? Imagine you are Aladdin and you find the lamp. You pick it up, dust it off and here, from the inside of the lamp, comes the Gene.

The Gene says: Your wish is my command. And…today we have special. You can have an infinite number of wishes.

Wow!!! How cool!

If you had the Gene in front of you what would you ask for? That is how you set your goals. It is very important to leave the “how” to achieve them, out of that process. You see, it is very important to purely concentrate on setting them at that moment. When we do that correctly we will set goals that will take us beyond what we have done so far. As long as we think how to achieve them we will stay on the level we are already. If we want to go beyond, our goals need to reflect that. Think about it, when you know how to achieve your goal…it is too small. As we set our goals, we will have small goals and we will have big ones as well. The small ones are important, but the big ones will take us to the next level. If we can imagine it, we can have it! Remember, the sky is the limit. Of course it is a limit, because as we leave the atmosphere we leave the sky behind, then we pass the moon and go for the entire Universe. So, dream bold and big!

If we want to have different things we need to do things in a new way. We need to go beyond what we normally do. Do we normally heal incurable diseases? If we want to achieve that we need to think big. We need to take our thinking beyond what we thought was possible. Only when we do that are going to achieve incredible things. Always look at your situation and think how would it look like if it was perfect? Remember, go for the entire Universe! You are so powerful that you can create amazing things for yourself and everyone else. You can create your own happiness as well as happiness of others. Your goals start with your imagination. Because of Carol Benz who invented the first horseless carriage we have cars. Because of someone with an incredible imagination that was turned into an unrealistic goal we have smartphones, etc. How realistic is it to heal an incurable disease? We can only achieve that if we set that kind of goals.

If we want to move our lives to a new level, we need set goals in the proper way. That is the key!

The “how” comes after we set them. And…that is another story…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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