Often we look at things and we get our first impression of what it is. But the truth is not what it is…but what we expect it to be.

Let me give you some examples.

Many of my clients had bosses who were not very popular with all their employees. The first impressions of those bosses were not very good and my clients were going through a tough time with them. After changing how they thought/felt about them, something amazing happened. The bosses changed and started to treat them with lots of appreciation and care. To the point that my clients were in awe how incredible those transformations were.

How about an incurable disease? When we are told that we have an incurable disease would we expect to get better? Of course not! We expect to have it for the rest of our lives and we expect it to get worse. So, it happens, exactly like that. Until, we start expecting something different. The first thing that I told my clients was that they could heal themselves. But in order to do that they needed to do exactly what I asked of them and expect to be healthy. They had to see themselves healthy before they felt awesome. Numerous clients all over the world have done that, but the key to their success was to see beyond their conditions, to see in their mind being healthy first. The results are truly amazing!

Our children are become teenagers and of course we were told that they are challenging to deal with. We expect that to happen and it does. When we see beyond what we were told and expect to have easy wonderful relationships with our teenage children we will create that.

Now, I am sure you get the point. So, what is that we see when we look at another person or situation? Do we see them for what we think they might be, or do we look at them what we would like them to be? Remember…we always create what it is that we expect.

So, when you look at someone or situation, don’t look at what it is, but see beyond it. See in your mind what you would like it to be and expect it to happen.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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