The tallest order that we can imagine is to see only great things in ourselves. This is the most importing thing in our lives we need to do in order to create magic our lives.

Why it that so important?

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. Only when we feel good do we manifest what we desire. The person that we talk to the most during the day is US. What it is that we tell ourselves and feel about ourselves that shapes our lives. Only when we tell ourselves nice things and feel good about ourselves do we create what we want.

So, how can we start the new journey to being kind to ourselves?

First, we need to say over and over during a day, I love you (your name). The more we love ourselves the more we will love others and by taking the feeling of love to new levels we will see ourselves in a completely new light.

Become calmer and calmer. The calmer we are the more we see ourselves as special. The more we see ourselves as amazing the more we see the beauty in others.

If we make a mistake, we can’t beat ourselves up about it. Just say: I am learning. We are all learning how to create what we want.

Pat yourself on the back very often. See all the great things you do and get excited about the smallest progress you make. That will make you feel good and that feeling will create more achievements.

Say only the beautiful things to yourself.

Leave the past behind. Only revisit the good times.

Expect that the future is going to be amazing, as you are learning and becoming better and better in everything.

Pay attention to your appearance. Brushed hair, makeup, clean shave for men, nice clothes (clothes don’t have to be expensive to look nice). When we look good we feel good and it is all about feeling good. People walk and behave differently when they look good. Remember, don’t ever criticize your body. Put great clothes on that compliment you and notice only the awesome things about you.

Become the kindest person to yourself.! See how special and unique you are. When you do that you will see your life moving to new levels you have never thought were possible to experience. And above all have fun doing it!

Side effects: You will become very, very happy!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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