If you could script a story about your life, what is it that you would write? What would you like your life to be?

You would probably say, that you would like your life to be perfect, fun and easy. Or maybe…you have a different concept. Whatever you write, you would definitely focus on something fantastic. You would sit down and think for a while what it is that I would like. Maybe…for the first time in your life, you would go beyond anything you have ever thought before. Maybe…you would look at your life in a completely different way, knowing that you can write whatever you want.

What if…you could have that incredible power that whatever you script happens. That would be so amazing!

But…what if I told you that you already have that power! The only thing is that you need to script the next moment of your life. If you want your life to go to the next level you need to script things on the new level. You need to sit down and think for a moment what you would like your life to be. What would you like to happen next? When people want to heal themselves they need to script that they are perfectly healthy. When we want a job we need to script it like we already have it. Whatever you want, you need to look at it as it is already done. You need script the perfect scenario. Perfect relationships, successful business, easy sales, etc. You need to put in your mind what it is that you would like to have.

As an example, before you have an appointment with a potential client, see in your mind that it is a sale already. See the filled order or a signed contract, etc.

I am going to tell you a very funny story.

Over 9 years ago, I was an insurance agent. When I learned how to use my mind to create easy sales, I put it right into practice. Every single time I was on my way to an appointment, I saw in my mind that it was already a sale. A done deal! I saw a filled application with a check attached to it. One day, I was on my way to an appointment and as usual, I played over and over in my mind the picture of an application with a check attached to it. It was a beautiful sunny day. The lady that I was going to see was a referral and she was interested in life insurance. As I arrived at her house, I saw that she had a long singular driveway and I parked my car behind hers. I slowly got out from my car. At that time I was still very sick with an incurable disease of the nervous system and I walked with a cane. I took my time walking towards the front door. I knocked. The lady slightly opened the door. I explained to her who I was and that we had an appointment. Oh, the lady said, I was going to call you as I changed my mind. We spoke for a moment through the barely opened door and I gave her my business card, just in case. I was ready to walk back to my car, when suddenly rain came down, like sheets of water. Anyone would get very wet going to my car that was down the driveway, and for me walking slowly with a cane as I was dragging my one leg, I would be soaked. Oh, boy! It is raining hard, I commented. The lady agreed and suggested that I go inside her house to wait for the rain to pass. Being very grateful, I took her offer. 45 minutes later I walked out from her house with an application and a check attached to it. The sun was shining again. I looked up to the sky and gave thanks. Later, as I delivered the policy to that lady, she bought from me life insurance for her husband and her two grandchildren.

You see, that is what happens when we script things. The same thing applies to every aspect of our lives. So, script your life. Go far beyond what you have ever done. Use your imagination and create a life that is easy, fun and magical!

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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