Can you script your happiness? Yes, you can!!! How?

Let’s start with basics. First, you need to understand that you create everything in your life by the way you feel. Only when you feel good do you create what you desire. So, in a short and sweet way, you need to feel good in order to create an amazing life.

Imagine… you are standing in front of a huge movie screen. You are the director, the producer and the script writer. You are the actor or actress, and you choose your acters and actresses that play in the movie. The movie that plays on the screen is called: (Your name)’s Magical Life!!! You decide what is in the script as YOU are the script writer. So, if you were to write that script, the perfect script, what is that you would write?

The fascinating thing is that you write everything with your feelings. What you feel AT THIS VERY MOMENT is what you script. In order to script happiness, you need to feel happy. That sounds like an oxymoron, but… that is how the scripting works. If you want to get the job, you are having an interview for at this very moment, you need to feel good and you need to see a picture in your mind of the perfect outcome. It means that the job is already yours.

My client wanted to have a specific job. He had an interview scheduled for the desired position. I advised him to script the perfect outcome. In other words, he made sure that he felt good by feeling love for the job and the people who were going to interview him. Then he had a picture in his mind that he already had the job. When he came to my office, I asked him how was the interview. He replied that it went exactly as he scripted. He got the job!!!

A lady was recommended to me by a therapist. She came for a free consultation and she told me that she had MS. She had many substantial symptoms. She told me that she used to be a courtroom scenographer. Five years ago, as the MS advanced, she had to let it go. To make the story short, she started my program and two and half months later all her symptoms were gone!!! She bought another scenographer’s machine like the one she used before and she was doing closed captions for weather and news TV channels. Very shortly after that she was told that she was the fastest and the best scenographer they had. She was also doing line dancing and riding a horse. People with MS have lesions on their brains. They are there permanently and with time they become deeper, wider and their number increases. At the time of the free consultation, she told me that she had so many of them, too many to calculate, so they stopped counting at 100. When she was symptom free, she wondered if she still had them. I told her to feel love for her brain and script the perfect outcome, by seeing a picture of her perfectly healthy brain. At the end I said, whatever it is, who cares? She feels awesome and that is the most important. Some time later, just recently, she had a MRI for her brain and a doctor told her that her brain is normal. I have a normal brain!!! - She told me with excitement. She scripted her happy life and now, she lives it.

That works the same way in every area of our lives. In order to create an amazing life, we need to feel happy inside first. As we create everything by the way we feel, when we feel good, we generate things what we desire.

So, feel good!!! Feel lots of love for yourself and everything, and everyone else and have a picture in your mind of the perfect outcome. That is how you script your happiness!!! When you do that, truly do that… after a while you become so good at it… that as a result your life becomes easy and fun. You become happy on a level beyond what you have ever a truly Magical Life!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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