When we go on a boat we can see dolphins riding waves. It is amazing to watch them as they have so much fun. They jump from the water and fall back into it and let the waves carry them. They do that purely for fun!

Would that be wonderful if we could ride the waves in our lives? If we could just let the waves carry us and have our days full of fun. The interesting thing is that we have to have the same approach as dolphins do. We have to start with fun. We need to do things for fun and enjoy everything in our day. Dolphins search the boats as they produce waves that they can ride. What if we could do the same thing? What if we could look for fun in everything? Fun creates the right mindset that we need in order to create what we want. The more fun we have the easier things become. A fascinating thing happens when we have fun. Fun creates more fun. In other words, when we have fun things are going our way and that creates new fun on a different level.

Think about it for a while. What is easier, swimming with the waves or against them? Of course, it is easier to swim with them. Having fun, feeling love and gratitude is the only way to swim with the current. In other words, when we have the right mindset we create an easy life. When we concentrate on having fun with everything we do, after a while we find ourselves riding the waves. We go beyond swimming and we get carried away by the waves and that reflects in every aspect of our lives. We take our lives beyond what we thought was possible. We become as dolphins, having the time of our lives!

So, look at those brilliant creatures and adopt their approach. Look for fun everywhere and have the time of your life as when you do that at that moment your life will become truly Magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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