I am going to reveal to you some fascinating things that happen to us after we consciously pay attention to how we feel. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. So, if we want to create what we desire we need to feel good. As we learn how to sustain that good feeling throughout the day, and after some time, something fascinating is happening to us.

When we become more and more proficient in maintaining the good feelings all day long, we discover that we create things beyond our initial expectations. Our lives become simpler and easier and we have more fun than we ever thought was possible. As a result our lives become truly magical as we experience things beyond our wildest dreams. We live the best lives we have ever had. We realize that today is truly the best day of our lives. As a result we discover something fascinating. Because we are so incredibly happy, we go less and less into the past. We reminisce about the past less and less, and if we do we go to the things that are good. We recall things that were fun and made us feel good. It is like the past is subsiding and only good things from that time remain for us. Only the good things that are worthy do we revisit. And as our happiness keeps growing we are in awe to notice that we even go less and less to those happy days. Why? Because, our present is more exciting and more thrilling than anything we have ever experience before. All we want to talk about is now. All we want to feel joy about is now. We want to live in the next moment as we know it is going to be even more amazing!

I am going to give you a great example.

One of my clients was separated from her husband and they lived in different states. She wanted to have her own life. As she started to learn how things work and realized that she can create her relationship in anyway she wanted, she focused on it. She made sure that she felt good and things started to change. She and her husband are together again and she has the best relationship she has ever had with him. She took her marriage to a level beyond her wildest dreams. When she has the best relationship ever why would she reminisce about the past? Her relationship with her husband is beyond anything she has ever experienced. The best time of her life is NOW. All she wants to talk and think about is now. The most exciting thing is that tomorrow is going to be even better.

Now, you see my point. When we live a fairy tale, we want to stay in that magical land. Past become less and less appealing. We will still remember and sometimes go to the most memorable things there, but…that will be rare…very rare.

Your present simply will become the most exciting time of your life!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Amanda, I love, love, love this idea for today. For some reason, it resonates with me very much today and was perfect for me to see today. Thank you!

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