There has been tendency in our World to keep science and the power of our mind in different compartments. But…there is one fascinating science where it all comes together, and that is Quantum Physics. When Quantum Physics was born, scientists were very curious if the law of gravity was going to work on a subatomic level. Would the law of gravity apply to particles smaller than an atom? They performed an experiment with fascinating results. Some scientists discovered that the law of gravity worked on a subatomic level, while others discovered that it did not. Einstein was puzzled by the results. How can you perform the same experiment and have completely different results? They investigated it and they came to a remarkable conclusion! When a scientist believed that the law of gravity worked on a subatomic level it did. When another scientist believed that the outcome was going to be different it was. That mystified Einstein even more. How is it possible that a belief could define the results of a scientific experiment? But the proof was there! Another experiment was performed. Scientists wanted to find out if particles smaller than an atom are solid and behave like particles or if they are energy and they behave like a wave. The experiment showed two different results. Some scientists proved that particles smaller than atom were solid, while other scientists proved that the particles were energy. When scientists believed that particles were solid, they behaved accordingly. When scientists believe that they were energy they behave like a wave. As a result, this is a quantum physic definition of a particle: A particle is a particle and a wave. Wow!!! How can it be both? The fascinating fact is that it behaves differently depending on what it is that we expect. That is why quantum physic scientists call quantum physics a weird science. It is science where the science and the power of our mind comes together.

But.. is this the only science that experiences that? A very fascinating thing was discovered by scientists who do the stem cell research. A stem cell is like a blank canvas and it can become any cell of our body. When a stem cell was put in a Petri dish and a scientist thought that it was going to become a heart cell, it became a heart cell. When a scientist thought that it was going to be a kidney cell it became a kidney cell. Scientists very quickly discovered that whatever they thought a stem cell was going to be, it became exactly that.

It still fascinates scientists that our mind can determine the results of experiments.

The principal of particles smaller than an atom and a stem cell applies to our lives. Our minds create everything in our lives and we always create what it is we expect.

Make sure you expect only perfect outcomes…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Amanda I love your wisdom and inspiration. I am taking a class called the alchemist dream. I realize the mind is a powerful thing and I will be like the butterfly going through stages. Have a magical day I love you. Vickie

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