In a very simple way, Quantum Physics is a science about particles smaller than an atom and energy. It is a very fascinating science. Some even call it a weird science, because some very strange things happen when you get on the subatomic level. When Quantum Physics was born, scientists were very curious if the law of gravity works on a subatomic level. They wanted to see if the same laws apply to particles smaller than atoms. They performed experiments and the discovery was fascinating. Some scientists found out that the law of gravity worked on the subatomic level, while others found an absence of it. Einstein was puzzled. How is it possible to do the same experiment, follow the same procedure and have completely different, opposite results? He called it a spooky reaction. But even more fascinating was that the scientists who discovered that the law of gravity was working for particles smaller than an atom, had proof that it was working. The other scientists who discovered that the law was absent, also had proof that confirmed their findings. The matter was investigated further and the discovery stunned the scientific community of Quantum Physic scientists. The results of the experiments depended on the beliefs that scientists had. If scientists believed that the law was going to work, it did! If they believed that it was going to be absent, it was. How is it possible that a belief system can influence the outcome of a scientific experiment? The incredible proof of that was there. In many other experiments the outcome was the same. The results depended on the scientists beliefs.

When I was doing the research of the power of our minds I read many Quantum Physics books. I found that area of science remarkable. This is where science and the mind merge together creating what the mind feels. System of beliefs are feelings. We feel about everything around us in a certain way. But…what do all those fascinating discoveries have to do with our daily lives? EVERYTHING!!!!

When we set our goals, the results depend purely on how we feel. We all want to achieve our goals. Only when we feel good, will we achieve them. When we feel good we create belief that we are able to achieve them. We might feel that they may be accomplished, but the key here is: Can YOU achieve them? Are they possible for YOU to achieve them?

And here…I am going to tell you something fascinating. If you set yourself only the type of goals that you know that you can achieve, you will find that the progress in your life is going to be minimal. If you want to take your life to the new exciting level, you need to go beyond what you normally do. In other words, you need to set goals on a new level. At that point you look at your goals and you find yourself asking this question: Can I achieve them? They will seem to be so big. So, now something needs to happen. I told you that you can only achieve your goals when you feel that you can. So, now you need to create that important feeling of knowing that you can accomplish them. How do you go about it?

1.    First, you need to have a goal that is exciting. That is the key. You need to want it so much.

2.    You need to say to yourself a mantra that creates the feeling of knowing that you can achieve it. For example, if you want to be healthy, you will say: Thank you I am perfectly healthy. In your mind, it has to be a done deal. You need to see that you already have it. You are already perfectly healthy. If you want to have more clients or sales, you would say: Thank you, that I have 5 new clients every month (week). Etc. The key is that you repeat it over and over until it starts sinking in. With the constant repetitions you will create the feeling that YOU can do it.

3.    Put in your mind a picture, a snapshot, that you already have it. Remember, it is a done deal. You need to get to the feeling where you know it is yours already.

When you do that, and I mean really do that, on a daily basis, you will find that the goals that seemed to be so far away, in your mind are becoming achievable. When you truly feel that you already have your goal then it is going to become a reality.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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