During the gold rush in America many people purchased pieces of land where they hoped to find the precious metal. They dug for months looking for the shiny metal that would change their entire lives. They all worked very hard, day after day digging and sifting the dirt, eager to find their fortune. Some of them after months of labor decided to salvage what they could and sold their land together with their hope for a better life. The new owners, after purchasing the land for a fraction of its original price, picked up where the previous owners left off, only to find out that the gold was there…only inches away. If the previous owners stuck to their dreams they would find what they were looking for.

Those are the real stories from that period of time, but the same principal applies today. Sometimes after we do things over and over, we think that maybe it is time to let go of our dream. But the dream can only become reality when we stick to it. How many times did Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Carol Bens, Wright Brothers, etc., tried until they succeeded? Everything that we have in our lives, all the wonderful gadgets are the results of the incredible persistence of their creators. They had dreams and they pursued them with a passion! When Walt Disney was living in a room in a church, which was all he could afford at that time, the room was infested with mice which gave birth to a true star, Mickey Mouse. Why? Because, Disney stood by his dream! That dream was always with him. When we do what we need to do over and over and keep our eyes on the goal, we often find out that it was so close, so incredibly close.

How far are you from achieving your dream? A mile or just an inch? That is what we will find out when we keep at it. Sometimes it is so incredibly close, and just one more thing that we need to do will get us there.

There are things that we can do to speed up our journey. The most important is for us to stay calm. The calmer we are the faster we are going to achieve our goal. It is extremely important to keep our eyes on the goal and treat our situation as temporary. When we stay with the picture of what it is that we want, we will have so much fun on the way. The more fun we have, the calmer we are, and the faster we will live our dream.

When you do that...you will find out that sometimes you need to pinch yourself, just to remind yourself that where you are right now, is YOUR reality… You are living YOUR dream that has come true…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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