Every one of us wants to have peace of mind. Tranquility is the most searched quality in our lives that we desire. We often question ourselves; How in this fast paced world, the demanding work, the busy household, can we ever achieve true peace? I have heard many times my clients saying that you can never have peace of mind in the kind of job that they have, etc. We find ourselves fighting traffic, battling sickness, etc. Just the pure words that we use, like fight or battle, can make us feel exhausted before we even go on the road or think about our physical condition.

If we are looking for peace outside of us we will never find it! The peace comes from within. Like one brilliant Buddhist monk said that we fight the war until we realize that there is no war. When we feel love we automatically become calm. That calmness creates peace of mind and the war stops existing. As we feel love, something fascinating happens. The job that used to be stressful becomes enjoyable, the household become calmer and we get faster to our destinations when we are on the road and…the drivers around us are so much better. It is almost like the touch of a magic wand that things start changing in our lives and everything becomes more peaceful. Why? Because we became calmer inside first.

We all want our lives to be easy and peaceful. In order to do that we need to create calmness inside of us first.


Feel lots of love for yourself. The more love you feel the calmer you become. Use meditations to create a peaceful mind. There are many meditations you can choose from. The most important is that all the words in a meditation are positive. You can purchase “Powerful Simplicity” on this website. See in your mind whatever you desire like it already happened. No matter if it is your life time goal, or you just want your children to arrive home safely.

And above all…have fun with everything you do!!!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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