Would it be awesome if we could have peace of mind? If we could stay calm in every situation. Is it even possible to be calm and composed in every situation? I have news for you. It is!!! It takes some doing to get to that level, but it is possible. It is simpler and easier than we realize.

So, how do we get to the peace of mind? First, we need to understand what peace of mind is. It is calmness and patience. In other words, it is lots of, lots of calmness. How do we get to this level? We need to understand that love creates calmness. When we feel love we automatically become calm. That’s how simple it is. If we want to have lots of calmness, we need to feel lots of love. The more love we feel, the more often we feel it and with more intensity, the calmer we become. The calmer we are, the more peace of mind we have. When we feel love truly intensely, we have the peace of mind. So, feel lots of love for yourself and everyone and everything else as often as you can.

Peace of mind decides what it is that we can create in our lives and how quickly we can create it. It determines our happiness. It is the trust that whatever it is, we can create a perfect outcome. It is the understanding that only when we are calm, we can create what it is that we desire. When we are calm, when we are very patient, we can feel how powerful we are… and as a result we take our lives beyond what we thought was possible… We find things become easy and fun… and before we know it… we are very happy living a truly Magical life!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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