So, we have made a decision on the direction we are going to go in our lives. We know what we want and how we want it. We have a vision of our future and we are ready to take the path to success. We start our journey and we find out that sometimes things go in different way than we desired. What do we do then?

First, we need to understand that we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. For us to create what we desire we need to feel good. And here, it is extremely important that we pat ourselves on the back for the smallest achievements. If we have done something that we would like to change, so what? We are learning! We are taking a completely new path. We are going into unchartered territory and we are learning on the way. So, we pick ourselves up, we dust ourselves off and pat ourselves on the back that we are up (that makes us feel better) and we are get back on the track.

You see, it is extremely important to look forward. When you watch baseball, you will see players coming to the dugout and giving high fives to everyone regardless the outcome of their time at bat. Even when their outcome was different from the desired one, they have to make themselves feel good in order to do better the next time. Only when they feel good, they get a base hit or a home run at the next time at bat. Those high fives are more important than we realize. It is extremely important to look forward. Whatever happened before, it happened. So what? Move on! Get excited about the next outcome. See it as you desire it. Picture it in your mind as being perfect. When you do that and you feel good, you will achieve what you want.

You see, those moments are extremely important. That is the difference between where we are and where we want to be. You need to become your own cheerleader! What makes a salesman successful is the ability of getting up, letting it go and moving forward. Leaving the past in the past and getting excited about the next appointment. It is a new opportunity for a great sale!

Look forward to the next stride with a smile on your face. Remember, you are more powerful than you can ever imagine and you can achieve everything you want. And…you can only create it when you feel good. So, pat yourself on the back often. Very often!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Hi Amanda, You will always be magnificent and amazing because you inspire others and believe in your self. Stay Blessed my dear.

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