In this fast moving world we are used to having things now. Like at this very moment. We want to have everything instantly. We assume to have the same speed when we look at achieving our goals. We try something for a week or two and we want it to be right now. The point is that the more patient we are the faster things are going to manifest.

Patience is calmness that increases with time. We need to go from the microwave speed mindset to becoming calm. Only when we are calm we can speed up the process of manifesting. Let me give you an example that will explain.

One of my clients with muscular dystrophy was transferred from his dream job to another position because his physical condition was making it difficult to perform his duty. They gave him four months to return to his position as after that time they were going to give it to someone else. At that time my client and his wife came to see me. It was his dream job and as only a very few of them are available in the country, he wanted to be able to return to it before the four months ended. He had only four months to get healthy. I told my clients that it is only possible to heal the incurable condition when they become patient. It was crucial that they concentrated on the healing instead of on the time frame. It was extremely important that they felt like they had all the time they needed to achieve it. In other words they needed to become patient. Very patient. They did everything exactly as I asked them to do. I could see how they were becoming calmer and calmer and as a result my client was getting better and better. In a matter of one month and a half he was back at his dream job!

We create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel calm do we create what we want. When we grow that calmness to new levels we become patient. The more patient we are the faster we will manifest things in our lives.

So, if you want to manifest things fast, become very, very patient.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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  1. Very inspirational site. I can’t determine at the age of 60 what I want to do career wise for the rest of my life. I currently and for the last 5 years have been a pet sitter as my husband and I could not afford for me to work straight commission in my 15 year career in commercial real estate. This site will assist me in finding my purpose and career path Thank You

    1. I am honored by your comment! I am sure you are going to learn lots from the blogs. Also, you might like to sign up for inspirational messages, Thought Mail. They are Free. 🙂 Always follow your heart, Noreen. 🙂 Have an absolutely Magical Day! 🙂

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