We are born to love. Some scientists even say that we are wired for love. More and more doctors see that when we feel love we heal and sustain perfect health.

What happens when we apply the same principle to everything in lives? Our lives become fun and easy.

Could our true nature be a recipe for everything? Could that be so incredibly simple?

It is so amazing when we discover the obvious. It is like everything we ever needed for us to become truly successful in every aspect of lives has been given to us in the moment of birth. It all comes to the simple fact that we have the ability to love. We already have everything in our makeup to make things work. All we need to do is to feel love. We create everything by the way we feel. When we feel love we manifest what we desire. The more love we feel the more incredible our lives become. So, if we want more we need to feel love and gratitude for what we have. The more grateful we are the more we are going to create what it is that we are grateful for.

What is gratitude? It is a different form of love. Acknowledgement of love. So, it is still love.

The level of our love is reflected in every area of our lives. The more we see beauty in ourselves, in others and in everything else the more successful we become. Our purpose is to take that love to the level we had when we were born. Little children feel lots of love and they see good in everything. We need to become like them.

So, how does it work in practice?

If we want more money, we need to feel love and gratitude for what we have. If we want a great boss, we need to feel love for him/her. If we want to have great relationships, we need to feel love for those people, etc. Whatever it is that we want we need to start feeling love. The most important person that we need to love is ourselves. The more love we feel for ourselves the more love we feel for others.

We are already equipped with the most powerful thing that we need in order to create our lives magical and that is love. All we need to do is to grow that love every single day.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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