If we want something more in our lives, we need to set goals on a different level. We need to go beyond how we used to set them in the past. If we go for the sky, we reach the sky. If we go for the moon, we reach the moon. When we go for the entire Universe…now we are talking… But…we might say, the goals have to be realistic. How realistic was it for a carriage to go by itself? Without a horse? We all drive cars. How realistic was it for tons of metal to fly through the air? Now, we travel on planes. How realistic was it for a picture, information or a movie to travel through the air? We all use smart phones that do exactly that and more. So, if we want to take our lives on completely new levels, the goals that we set need to reflect that. Go for what you really want. In order to have different things we need to be able to imagine them. When we want a different relationship, we need to be able to imagine what this new relationship would look like. What do we want in that relationship? Where do we want to be professionally and financially? Etc.

We need to make this year special and unique. We need to look at what we have, be grateful for the amazing things and take all of that to the next level. How far we are going to take it depends on our imagination.

So, the big question here is: What is it that YOU can imagine? Because, that is where you are aiming. Go beyond the “normal”. If you want to have a Magical Life, you need to take your imagination far, far beyond… You need to make the Universe your playground.

And then…start acting on your goals.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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