What is the next level? What is the next level for you? You might want to change some things in your life. Or… your life is already amazing and you just want to see what else it can become. The one very important thing is that there is always another level above the top level. We are designed to grow and evolve. Move beyond where we are. One of my clients came back to me two years after he finished the program and said that he achieved everything he ever wanted for his entire life. What do I do now? – he asked. You need to set new goals – I answered.

What is your next level? Taking your professional life to another level? Increasing your income? Taking your relationships to new levels? Becoming more spiritual? Becoming an even better parent or partner? Healing yourself? Spending some time to inspire other people? Becoming an even better person? There are millions of goals that you can set for yourself. The key is that they are yours and they can take you to the next level.

So, you already have everything. You are extremely happy. That is so awesome!!! What do you do now? There is one place that can ALWAYS go to the next level and that is YOU. We continuously need to grow as a person. We need to become calmer, more loving, more respecting…especially to ourselves. We need to become the kindest person to ourselves. We need to realize how special and brilliant we are. We need to tell this to ourselves often. Praise ourselves even for the smallest achievements. When we do that, we have more and more of them. We need to continue to grow.

Something interesting is going to happen when you do that. Your entire life is going to grow with you. As you go to new and newer levels, your life becomes more and more incredible. Because…wherever you are and wherever your amazing life is…it is only the beginning… as there is always a new level…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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