What we create in our lives depends on our mindset. I am going to share an incredible story of that power. The power of creating miracles.

My client in her 70’s was a heart patient most of her adult life. She had a massive heart attack twenty years ago and since then her heart has steadily deteriorated. This February her condition was so bad that her cardiologist told her that if the next test shows further decline he will have to put her on the list for a heart transplant. When I met Cheryl I noticed that she had severe shortness of breath, just barely after two or three steps. She started my program to learn how to use her mind to heal herself. As she applied the KNOWLEDGE and the TOOLS, she was feeling better and better. She kept seeing in her mind that she has a perfectly healthy heart. Half way through the program, she had another test. The results were amazing! She went to her doctor to discuss the results. Cheryl used to be a nurse, so she explained to me the test and the results. She had a muga test that is the most accurate test that determines the status of the heart. It is a scan of the bottom of the heart. It measures the strength of the heart when it pumps blood out of the heart. Her muga test three years ago was 43%, this February it was 30%. She admitted to herself, she was in deep trouble. The test that she just had was 56%! Her doctor had to get a second opinion from another doctor as he was shocked by the results. 56% is a healthy heart! Cheryl told me as it was explained that some athletes have 62-63%. That is why her doctor had to have an opinion of another cardiologist who confirmed the results. As her doctor was lost for an explanation of the phenomena, Cheryl explained to him what she did and why it happened. The doctor was fascinated by it.

The credit goes to Cheryl. She did what I ASKED HER TO DO and she went from the situation where she was going to be a candidate for a heart transplant to creating a healthy heart. She feels great and breathes easily. She is full of energy and very animated. She created a MIRACLE! Now, she speaks to groups and talks to people about it everywhere. She says, that she has a scientific proof that she healed herself. She has the incredible muga test results that went from 30% to 56% in just 5 months.  She wants everyone to know that you too can create miracles by using your mind.

Thank you, Cheryl for being in my life! Thank you for inspiring us! We are all so happy for you and so proud of you!


Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. That was absolutely incredible. Very inspiring thank you and your client for sharing I will share this at my church unity

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Vickie! I am honored! Cheryl is an incredible lady! The credit goes to her. I only taught her what to do. I really appreciate you sharing the story with others as Cheryl and I would love others to know how powerful they are and realize that they too can create that kind of miracles. Everyone can! Have an absolutely Magical Day, Vickie! 🙂

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