One of my clients, a Real Estate Agent told me that he really needs to sell his listings. He told me that he wants more people looking at his houses. I said to him that many people might look at his listings, but it only takes one to buy it. On his next session and he told me that he had an open house. During the hours that he was in that house only one person came and that person bought the house. He was laughing as he was telling me the story. One person was all that he needed. We might think that we need lots of people to walk through a house to see it or we might just put in our mind that we have the one that buys it. When I lived in Australia I was in Real Estate. I listed an unusual home. It was a little log house. In Australia log houses are extremely rare as Australians prefer brick houses. My colleagues said that it will take a long time to sell it. I told them that all I need is one buyer that falls in love with the house. In 3 weeks I met buyers who were looking for something different than a normal home. What do you think happened? Of course, they bought my listing. They loved it the moment they saw it and my unusual listing sold in 3 weeks! I just needed one buyer for this home. One!

Let me give you another example.

When skinny jeans become fashionable one of my clients came wearing this amazing pair. It was off white with a dusty green and purple beautiful pattern on the sides. I loved the way they looked, so I asked her where she bought them. She told me that she bought them in the next city. I put in my mind that I already have those jeans and I will buy them in my city. One week later, I walked into a shopping center that is 5 minutes away from my office and I went to the ladies’ department of the first store. As I was walking I saw at the back against the wall a rack that was completely empty except one pair of jeans that was hanging just in the middle. I smiled. In my mind I knew what it was. I came closer and that one pair that was hanging in the middle of that empty rack was the very jeans that I wanted. The off white jeans with the dusty green and purple pattern on the sides. I looked at the size of it.. and… of course, it was my size. I just wanted one pair and there it was.

Any time you think about something that you want to create concentrate on the simple perfect outcome. When you do that you are going to find that your life is going to become simpler and more fun than you thought was possible.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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