People have businesses or careers that provide them with income. Whatever the income is, usually they want to make more. When we have a business, it means that we need to get more clients, make more sales, etc. When we have a career, we would like to have a promotion, or a pay increase, or maybe another more fulfilling job with better pay. Wherever we are, we always can make more and be more.

So, how can we make more money. There are two elements here. One we need to take an action in order to get more clients or get the promotion, or a new job. Second, we need to have the right mindset for it to happen. Let’s talk about them.

ACTION: When we have a business, there are only two things we can do. Either we are in front of the client or we are looking for a new client. So, if we are with a client, we provide the service or make a sale, etc., when we finish with a client, we look for a new one. We can advertise, use social media, website, go to networking, ask for referrals, etc. There are many actions that we can take and they might vary with the nature of the business. Whatever business we have, we need to take actions. All the time. We always need to look for new clients, new ways of expanding. If we want to have a steady income from our business, we always need to look for new clients even when we have plenty at this very time. We need to look ahead, so our income keeps growing steadily. If we have a career, we need to look at ways to increase our income. We need to make sure that we have fun with what we do. In other words, it is important that we love our job. In other case, we need to look for the very job that we would love to do. If we want a promotion or a pay increase, we need to learn what it is that we need to do to get that promotion and act on it.

MINDSET: I am sure that you have seen people who take less action comparing to others and they have much better results. The difference is the mindset. When we change our mindset, we change our results. I have many clients who work less hours and have much better results.

One of my clients, an insurance agent, told me that he was one of the people in his office who needed huge improvement. He needed to do that in order to relax, knowing that he could keep his job. As he started to do my program he got better and better and in a matter of four months, he became number one agent in his office. Shortly after, the enrollment period came and he sold 314 individual policies in seven weeks of that period!!! He became number one in his company in all the country!!! What has changed? His mindset changed!!!

Another client had her business for 16 years that was just breaking even for the entire time. When she started to apply the knowledge that I provided, her business grew rapidly providing her with great income. As a result, she was able to put $50,000 in her saving account just in a matter of six months.  

You see, we need to see ourselves successful before we become abundant. We need to picture in our mind the lifestyle as a result of making great  money. We need to see in our mind that it is a done deal! We need to be grateful for the money that we make right now. We need to be grateful for the thousands and the cents. For every dollar that we make. The money mindset is needed in order to create the abundance.

If we want to make more money, we need to see in our mind that we already have it.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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