I am sure you have read many books, listened to many CDs and watched more DVDs looking for the answer. You already have so much knowledge and yet when it comes to your daily life there are so many questions that need to be answered. You know so much already, but…how do you apply that knowledge to YOUR life?

I felt like that. For 14 years I read so many motivational books, listened to huge numbers of tapes and attended every possible seminar looking for the same answer. Having all that wonderful knowledge and Master’s Degree in Psychology, one day I was faced with a situation where all of that was just academic education and…realized I needed more than that. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease of my nervous system, fibromyalgia. Six years later, walking with a cane and on shots containing morphine, I was determined to figure it out! How could I use all of that I knew to heal myself? And then, I recognized that I only had part of the truth. The answer was still to be found. Knowing that it was my only way out, I threw myself into more research. I read even more books, listen to even more CDs and watched more DVDs, eager to find the answer. One thing led me to another and I ended up in Quantum Physics and Einstein theories. Learning about that fascinating science, I made a remarkable discovery. Quantum Physics that is so mysterious to its scientists, made perfect sense to me! Scientists say that Quantum Physics is a very weird science because it is hard to make sense out of it. It is so true if you look at it purely from the scientific point of view. But, when I looked at it with all the knowledge that I acquired for 14 years and my psychology degree, it made perfect sense!

Scientists look at Quantum Physics and wonder why when the same experiment is performed, exactly the same way, the results are so entirely different. They discovered that the outcome of the experiments depended on the scientists. How an experiment performed the same way can have different outcomes? The results depended on scientists beliefs! How can it be possible that beliefs dictate the results? And here, I uncovered the part of the truth that I needed to complete my findings. The part that is so incredibly HUGE and so incredibly fascinating. We create everything in our lives! I mean EVERYTHING! 100%! The scientists created the outcomes of their experiments with their minds! So, if we create everything and everyone, we can create our health. I was electrified by my discovery! My health depended purely on me! Everything in my life depended purely on me! All I needed was to have the right mindset in order for it to become a reality. I sat for a while in awe. In my mind, pieces of my entire knowledge were falling into place. Completely new connections between the pieces were forming, one after another.  All that knowledge that I gathered through the years, in the light of my new discovery, became a solid cohesive unit. And…I knew, I had THE ANSWER! Everything that I have learned, now was making PERFECT sense.

They key is to truly understand the depth of that discovery. To truly realize the power of our minds to create beyond what we thought was possible. At that moment the knowledge becomes wisdom. We become aware of the gravity of it and know how to use it every moment of our lives.

I healed my incurable disease and I have the honor and privilege to teach clients all over the world how to heal their conditions, grow their businesses to amazing new levels, create perfect relationships, etc.  The mind is only a mystery when we seek the truth. When we find it, our lives become the most amazing playground.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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