How many times have we found ourselves trying to logically persuade ourselves to do something? Good luck with that! The truth is we will always follow our feelings. We will enthusiastically wake up and go to the job that we love. We will become very successful in the business that we are passionate about. We will achieve goals that are truly ours and we are excited about. One of my clients asked me how he can become excited about his goal. I answered: Very simple. Change your goal!

It is extremely important that we understand that we work purely on emotions. Let me give you some examples. Why do we have a car? We have a car to take us from point A to point B. So, if we get an old beat up car in perfect working order it will take us where we need to go. we really buy a car like that? We want to have a specific make and model with leather seats, GPS, great stereo, maybe a sunroof, or convertible, or maybe? An old beat up car will take us from point A to point B like a Mercedes, Lexus or Ferrari will. But…the fact is that we work only on emotions, so we buy what makes us feel good. Why do we wear clothes? To protect us from the sun and cold. So, if we take a square piece of material and cut a hole for the head in the middle of it…we have clothes. That is the logical way of having the protection that we need. But…do we buy clothes like that? We want special material, a specific color and style. Billions and billions of dollars are spent all over the world on fashion every single year. We might say…I want different shoes as they are old fashioned looking, or they need to be another color. Why? Their logical purpose is to protect our feet. But you see, we buy shoes based on emotions. And…where is the logic in high heel shoes? Where is logic in make up? Spending all the money and all the time in front of a mirror… Where is the logic in jewelry? As you can see, we do and buy those things as we work purely on emotions!

When we logically try to convince ourselves that we should do something it will last only for a while. We know it is good for us to exercise, so when we make a decision that we should go to the gym we will only stick with it if we truly love going to the gym. So, instead we can choose some other types of exercises that we love, and we will continue doing that. One of my clients went on a rigorous exercise regime. She did everything possible to stick with it. In spite of logically convincing herself of the benefits of it, after a while she was out. Now, she does what she absolutely loves. She kayaks. She has so much fun with it and she always feels relaxed. She keeps doing it for a while now and I know she will continue as her heart is in it.

That applies to every aspect of our lives. When we follow our feelings, when we follow our hearts, we find that things in our lives become easy and fun. And…before we know it, we realize that we are happy and successful in everything we do.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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