We all have asked ourselves a question: What can I do to take my life to a new level?

There are many things that we can do, but I am going to show a way that will shine a new light on the subject. We all live on the edge. The edge between being serious and the desire to have fun. Depending on where we are in our lives we are closer to the edge of fun or further into the serious side of it. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what it is that we desire. In other words when we have fun our lives become easy. Fun is always associated with feeling good. When we feel good it means that we are having fun. Being serious on the other hand can suggest the weight of a situation. We can do something that is very important and still have fun with it. The whole point is to have fun with everything we do. Starting from early morning till we finish our day. How much fun do we have during that time? How much time do we spend on thinking seriously and how much on having fun with what we do? We need to shift the scale into the fun part. We need to move closer and closer to the edge of fun and jump into the excitement of it.

How can we go about it?

First, when we wake up in the morning we need say: Thank you for the best day of my life! Thank you for all the fun I am having today! We say it with a feeling. Those simple phrases will make us feel good and set the tone for the day. Also they will create an expectation that we are going to have a day full of fun. Now, we have a great start. Fantastic! But now we need to sustain that feeling during the day. In order to do that we need to see how we can have fun with everything we do. Remember everything in that day has to be special and fun. Even ordinary things we do, we need to make them extraordinary. So, we need to use our imagination and create fun with everything. One of my clients, a 13 year old girl, told me that she had so much fun the day before. I asked what was she doing that was so much fun? She replied that she cleaned her toilet. She went on explaining that she read in a book on how to make a toilet sparkling clean. She followed the directions and her toilet looked amazing. She emphasized that she had so much fun with it! Have we ever thought that we could have that kind of fun while cleaning our toilet? There is something so special about children. They are always looking at everything from the point of view of fun. We need to adapt to that approach. We need to become like little children that see fun everywhere. When we do that before we know it we will move to the edge of fun and jump right in there! At that point our lives will become truly magical. Things will go our way and everything will become so easy.

So, be like a child and have fun all the time and magic will follow. Remember, the more fun we have the easier it is to create more of it.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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