What if…our lives could be easy and fun? What if we could experience situations where it seems like things are landing right in our laps?

My client told me that she is amazed how things are happening in her business and her private life. She told me that she just landed her biggest client ever. Then a week later she told me that she got an even bigger client who has businesses all over the state and he wants to order the product from her by the barrel. He just called me, she said. Out of the blue!

My other client who is a Real Estate Agent and who was selling two houses a month, now in a short period of time, she is number three in her company with around 100 agents. She says that people approach her on parking lots in front of shops asking her to sell their homes. That is happening to her for the first time. She comments that she is in awe of how easy things are going for her. Like things are landing in her lap.

My other client who is a salesman in a shop, who has wages and commission, doubled his income by making lots of great sales. He makes more money in commission than in his wages. He just told me that every time they introduce a new big item to his store and the other sales people were wondering if someone would buy it, he sold it the first day it was presented. It is like a customer just appeared to buy that very product the same day.

As you are reading this blog, you must wonder what you can do for that to happen to you.

First, you need to realize how powerful you are. You need to become aware that you are more powerful than you can imagine. Then, you need to understand that you create everything in your life. Your life is entirely up to you! How cool is that!? That is the best news you can ever hear! Then, you need to understand that you create everything by the way you feel. Feelings are the power behind your creations. When we feel good we create what we desire.

Quantum Physics says, that for something to happen, something has to move first. In other words, you need to act as well. So, you need to go to work or your office. You need to talk to a client, etc. But in order for you to create things landing in your lap you need to become really patient. In other words, you need to become very calm. Calmness is the key to creating those incredible situations. Then, you need to put a picture in your mind of what it is that you want to happen. In your mind it needs to be a done deal. It is already YOURS!

Life is supposed to be easy. Things are supposed to land in your lap. That is how you are designed. You are supposed to have fun and an easy life. You are supposed to have a Magical Life!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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