So, we set ourselves new exciting goals. Something new and something that we dream about. Now, we sit down and try to figure out how to achieve them. What would be the next step that we need to take in order to make our dreams come true? At that very moment, we might realize that…maybe our goals are too big as we are trying to figure out the path we can take towards the completion. We can see the first step that we can take and maybe the next one…but then…the following ones look a bit foggy. We scratch our heads…wondering if we should change our goals to the ones that feel are achievable. We can do that. Every time we set our goals the choice is ours and we will definitely have some of our goals that we know how to achieve. But…what is going to happen when all our goals are chosen because we know how to achieve them? We will stay in our lives right where we are or only grow a little. By doing that we leave our dreams behind. If we want to go for our dreams, we need to do something different. If we want to take our lives to a completely new level, we need to go for what we really want. If we want to have Magical lives, we need to go for the Magic. Carol Benz, who invented the first horseless carriage – the first car, Edison with his incredible inventions, the person who invented our smart phones, the team of people who took the human race to the space and the moon, etc., they all started with a dream. A dream of going beyond what normally was done. They dreamed!!! Did they know how to achieve those incredible goals? If they stayed with achievable goals, we would still ride horses and carriages and we would burn oil to light our homes. Wow!!! What a comparison! Horses, carriages and oil lamps or trips to the moon, computer games and smart phones? In which world would you like to live? That is the decision we make by choosing only achievable goals or going for our fantastic dreams. So, we make the decision. Dreams!!! We want to go for the dreams! But now…what? How are we going to go about achieving them?

The first step is… to take the first step. In other words, we need to establish what would be the first step that we could take towards our goals and we need to take that action. When we are done with it, something fascinating happens. We have a gut feeling/intuition that tells us the next step. We proceed. As we accomplish the second step, the gut feeling tells us the next one…then the next one…then the next one… And we discover something amazing. All we need to do is to do one step at a time. When we have done it, the next step appears. It is shown to us by our gut feeling. So, when we look at the path of actions for our goals, we see one step, maybe two while the rest seems foggy. But after we finish doing the that first step, the next one…and then the next one…one by one are being revealed to us. You see, we already have everything to achieve incredible things.

So, the biggest question here: Do we need to know how to achieve our dream goals?

The answer is so awesome! It will be shown to us! All we need to do is to set our goals and then take the very first step and then…follow our gut feelings.

My client from England has done exactly that. He is a drummer. His dream was to travel the world on tours with a famous singer. That dream came true! He’s already had multiple tours in many countries all over the world and many more are planned. He is doing what he loves for a living!!! He is living his dream. My other client had a dream to sing for a living. How can you make money from singing? – that was her question. By following this simple formula for success, she does exactly that and makes more money than she has ever made. She just sang in front of 3,000 people!!! She left all of them in awe as she dazzled them with her extraordinary voice. She is living her dream!!! Only because, she wanted something more beyond the normal in her life.

So, go for the dreams…take the first step to achieving them and follow your gut feelings…and live YOUR Magical Life!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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