There is something amazing about little children and dogs. They always seem to be happy, full of energy and have a positive outlook on everything. They are born to love. They look at everyone with love and they see fun everywhere. Why when we look at little children and dogs, they make us so happy? Because of the very special characteristics that they posses.

Let’s analyze it. Little children and dogs are always having fun. They see only beauty in everyone. We as little children progress the most in the first 5 years of our lives. We learn so much in that short period of time. The way we learn is fascinating! We learn by playing and having fun. Dogs learn the fastest and the best when we make things fun and reward them for a job well done. So, little children and dogs have lots in-common. They learn by having fun. They love themselves and they think that they are amazing. They are so proud when they achieve little things. The most incredible thing is that they are truly happy.

The big question comes here: How, we as adults can sustain that incredible happiness that little children and dogs have? The answer is very simple. We need to become like them. We have so much to learn from them!!! How do we go about it? By playing like them. We need to look for fun everywhere. One of the very important things is recognizing the objects that surround us. When we sit on a chair, we say: I love you. When we get up, we say: Thank you. When we pick up a pen, we say: I love you. When we put it down, we say: Thank you. Do you realize that this is the easiest way that makes us feel good!!! Just a few minutes of that game and we feel amazing. Any time we start feeling that we are going into a funky mood, we start playing the game. What happens when we play it during the day? We feel good!!! We feel happy!!! You know the saying: Practice makes perfect. The better we are in playing the game the happier we become. As a result, we start looking at ourselves in a different way. We feel more love for ourselves and feel more love for everyone else.

When we do that, truly do that every day, everything changes!!! Our lives become better and better…until…they are… truly Magical… Could it be that simple? It is that simple!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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