Something interesting happens when we truly understand our power. We become calmer and more confident than ever before as we realize that we can create whatever we want. I am going to give you an example.

One of my new clients had a seminar. When people were coming into the room, one lady’s attitude was far from positive. She questioned the company, the seminar, etc. As she was talking, my client decided to change the lady’s outlook. She stood there listening to the lady and she felt love for her. She put in her mind a snapshot of how she would like her to behave. She wanted her to be happy with everything. In a matter of 30 seconds the lady changed completely. During the two day seminar she was praising my client continuously and she gave her the best evaluation from all the attendees.

What was it that made the difference? It was the knowledge that my client possessed, about how things work and how powerful she was. She was aware that she creates everyone in her life. Having that in her mind, she consciously changed how she felt by feeling love for the lady and that created the desired outcome. The fascinating thing is that she knew that only for a short time and applied herself perfectly in the situation.

Whatever it is that we create, the extremely important element is understanding of our true power. Only when we are aware that we create everything we can have things that we desire. We can create them for ourselves as well for others. We can create money, successful business, magnificent relationships and heal ourselves. We can do things that are far beyond what we would think was possible. The truth is that everything is possible with the knowledge that we know how to apply. At that moment that knowledge turns into wisdom.

So, learn about your true power. Learn how to apply it and create the life of your dreams. Or…beyond your dreams…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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