One thing is to create the right mindset, but another one is to keep it. What is the right mindset? It is knowing that we create everything. Understanding that we create everything by the way we feel. So, when we feel good we create what we desire. The big question here is how do we stay in the right mindset?

We need to realize that we are learning how to use our mind. We need to look forward to creating great things even if we created something that might be very different from what we wanted. So, we look at what we created and tell ourselves that we are learning and immediately put in our mind what it is that we want to create in its place.

Only when we move forward we can create awesome things. We need to change our focus from the situation we have created into the desired outcome. We need to ask ourselves a question: What do I want to create now? Just by putting this question forward we will find ourselves feeling better. Then we need to put in our mind the perfect situation we would love to have and focus on it.

But there is more we can do in order to stay in the right mindset. Prevention is always easier then fixing. When we feel good we are in the right mindset. When we feel love and gratitude we feel good. Those feelings sustain the right mindset. When we feel love and gratitude more and more often we find that our calmness keeps increasing continuously. The calmer we are the easier it becomes to keep the right mindset. When we do those very simple things, we find ourselves becoming happier and happier, as we start to see ourselves in a completely different light. We start to see the incredible potential that we have. We become kind and respectful to ourselves and say only beautiful things to ourselves. And…we always give ourselves a break…knowing that we are just learning and moving to bigger and better things.

So, feel love for yourself, be grateful for what you have, be kind to yourself, respect yourself and tell yourself how amazing and special you are. When you do that on continuous bases, you will find that you will love others more and become very appreciative for everyone, and before you know it, you will find yourself surrounded by amazing loving people. That will make you feel even better and as a result you are going to create more and more amazing things in your life.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine



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