No matter where you are right now in your life, no matter whatever has happened or has not happened to you, today is the first day of your journey. You see, we think that our past shapes our future. What has happened to us in the past created beliefs, boundaries. Our past has absolutely nothing to do with our future. Where we are now is the result of what we have been thinking/feeling till now. But that is the great news as this is our thinking and our feelings and we can change them! Today is a brand new day that it is going to be shaped not by our past, but by how we feel right now and in the next moment.

Imagine that your life is like a book. Some pages are already filled. That is your past. But the page that has today’s date and tomorrow’s is completely blank. You are the author of that book and you write your own story. You have a pen in your hand. It is a magical pen that uses a very special ink. The ink is extremely precious as it changes with your feelings. Very quickly, you learn by trial and error, that when you feel good your story comes up amazing. You start really paying attention to how you feel so the ink in your pen is perfect. So, when you write about the meeting that you are having today and you feel love for the people that you are talking to, everyone thinks that you are amazing and THE MEETING goes awesome. You write about your sale and you feel love for the people sitting in front of you and they buy. Now, as you are getting the hang of it and you become more and more skillful in writing your story, the way you want. You feel lots of love and gratitude, and the story becomes more and more incredible. You write your amazing life, your great career, successful business, the perfect partner, your children’s happiness, your perfect health, etc. As you grow in your love and your gratitude for everyone and everything and every moment, your story becomes magical! And here, you stop in awe… as you have just made a huge discovery, which is so profound… Whatever magic you wrote in your book…it is only the beginning as you are still holding the pen. You are still the author and what are you going to write next it is completely up to…YOU!

This might seem like a fairy tale…but.. this is how it works! Your every single day starts as a blank page (there is no past on it) and you write on that page with your feelings. You script your entire life by the way you feel and how awesome it is!!! You are the author of your life. And no matter how amazing your life is…you know…that it is only the beginning as you are still holding the pen…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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