We were told many times that we should love everyone, but to love ourselves is a completely different story. We think that loving ourselves will distort how we see ourselves and it will shift the entire image of us from the common beliefs. 

Let’s clarify what “loving ourselves” truly means. When we feel love for ourselves it means that we see ourselves as brilliant, special and amazing, etc. Love sees only beauty. Love omits everything else and concentrates only on what is exceptional. So, what does happen when we feel love for ourselves? We see how incredible we are. That new perspective of us takes effect in every area of our lives. When we feel love we look at everyone and everything the same way and we concentrate only on the amazing attributes. We see only beauty in others. When we see the brilliance in ourselves, we see the same incredible qualities in everyone. In other words the more we love ourselves the more we love others. How incredible this concept is!

The interesting question that comes to mind: Is “loving ourselves” a unique perspective of looking at us? The answer fascinated me when I discovered the true meaning of that concept. The idea of truly feeling love for ourselves is completely foreign to us! It is something that we need to learn. To see ourselves only through the perfection of love is something that we need to master. And…that leads us to even more fascinating discoveries. We might think that we love someone, but to see them only through the pure feeling of continuous love is something completely different than we realize. In the love that we feel on a daily basis some conditions need to be met. We love someone because they love us or we love someone because they are our family, etc. Those are conditions. We love someone because of something and for that love to continue those conditions need to be present. Pure love operates on a completely different level. Just the simple fact of a presence of another person is enough for the love to exist. Questions like: Who is that person or what does that person do… etc., is beside the point for pure love. In the moment any person shows up the pure love exists. As a matter of a fact, that love exists even before a person appears.

That love starts with us. Do you realize how tall that order is? That is an entirely new concept for us! To see ONLY beauty in ourselves and everyone 100% of the time and to think and speak ONLY good things about ourselves, others and everything else all the time, is something completely new to us. Something we need to learn and Master.

Why is it so important to learn pure love and Master it? Because, we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. The more love we feel the more amazing our lives become. And…the most important thing is that the closer we get to the feeling of pure love the more AMAZING it feels!!!

What does it look like when we feel pure love? That is a brilliant question! If you want to know what it looks like take a good long look at your dog. Dogs feel pure love. They love you because you exist. All that a dog needs is a person to love. Do they care who you are or what is your past? You are here and they love you, simply because you exist.

So, go on the most incredible journey of your life. Love yourself for the first time on a completely new level and as a result you will love others in a completely new way. As bonus of that amazing love adventure, you will take your life to a level beyond your imagination. It will become truly MAGICAL!!!!


I just wanted to wish my wonderful husband the best Birthday of his life! He is 80 years young, brilliant, amazing man and my soulmate. He dedicated years of his life to others and has touched so many people’s lives. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! He is young in years, in his mind and spirit and my wish is that he lives forever!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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