We have heard that if we believe in something we can create it. But is believing enough to create what it is that we desire? Believing is a good start, but in order to create what we want we need to go beyond.

Let me tell you a story that will illustrate what it is that I am talking about.

Imagine that you are buying furniture for your living room. You went to the furniture department and you found the perfect pieces. You absolutely love it! So, you bought it. It is Tuesday and they told you that the furniture is going to be delivered on Thursday. You come home from the furniture department, what do you do? You prepare the room for your new furniture. You give away your old furniture and clean, getting ready for Thursday. Why do you prepare the room? Because, you know that your new furniture is coming. If you believed that the new furniture was coming would you gave away your old sofa? You gave it away, because you KNOW that new one is coming.

That fine line between believing and knowing makes all the difference. We might say that we believe that we can do anything, but the question is do we really know it? We believe that we can get more clients, get a job or create amazing relationships, but we will only do it when we know that we can. In other words, believing is realizing the potential that we have to create something. Knowing means that what we want it is already a done deal in our mind.

Believing is a great start as we first need to realize that we have the power to create what it is that want. But then, we need to take that belief and transform it into knowing that what we want is already here, like the furniture. In our mind we already see that furniture in our home. We make room for it and picture in our mind how we are going to place it, so it will look the best. That is knowing. When we have the same approach to everything else, and when we see it in our mind that it is already a done deal, then we are ready to create what we desire.

So, if we put that in practice: In order to create that knowing, we need to give thanks for what it is that we want like we already have it. Using only positive words that are extremely important.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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