Somewhere down deep inside, we feel that we are meant for more, that we are designed to be extremely successful in everything. But very often we feel that it needs to be the right time to follow our dreams. We think that when we get married we can start on our dreams. Then, when we get married we might decide that we want to have children first. Then, we think that we will be ready when children grow up, and then, when they go to college. If only we had more time to do what we want or that person in our lives was different we could go after our dreams. And…before we know it we say to ourselves…if only we started earlier we could have achieved our goals.

Recently, I had a young man come to fix our Direct TV. He was really good at what he was doing. I asked him if he liked his job. He looked at me and said that it was OK. I asked him what is it that he would like to do? He told me that his dream was to be a doctor. I said, you can study medicine and be a doctor. He looked at me and said; I am too old now.

So, I told him this:

When I worked as an insurance agent, I specialized in people 55 years of age and older. I have heard them saying to me, so many times, that they wish they did some things in their lives in a different way. That if they were to live over again they would go for what they really wanted. Hearing that from so many people, I became determined that I was going to go for my dreams. That I wanted to be that person who says; I did what I loved and I achieved what I wanted. At the age of 50 I started my own business and I have clients all over the world creating incredible things in their lives. I still have fun every moment as what I do is my passion. I feel alive!

I said to the young man from Direct TV: Follow your dream. There is always plenty of time to do what your passion is! The young man looked at me intrigued and smiled.

You see, we all have as much time as Einstein, Edison, Ford and many other brilliant people had. If we really want something we find a way and we create the time. We create everything in our lives including other people, so we can create them in any way we desire. We can create them being supportive of our journey. At the end of the day it is all about US! On the picture for this blog you see a little plant that grows in the groove between two blocks of concrete. Where is the cozy soil with all the richness that this little plant needs? Does this little plant really need it to flourish? Nature is so incredibly brilliant. It creates its own opportunities and goes beyond what is possible. That little plant thrives and creates its own haven. And if you look closely at the picture, you will see a little visitor that seeks shelter in its leaves. A little ant that came to admire the plant that is a champion of success as its incredible achievement creates opportunities for other little beings.

You see, the best part of our lives is that it is completely up to us! We are deciding how we want it to be. We are taking every moment and making it special and fun. We have the power to create what we want and every way we want it. The key is that we need to know that there is only now that matters. We need to take advantage of the present moment and make it a building block of our future. We need to be able to look at our lives and see how amazing it is and how magnificent it is going to become, because we are like the little plant creating our own opportunities and living our lives to the fullest!

And in a later day…we will look back and admire what we have done, knowing that we have made our lives even better than we ever thought it could be. And…we realize that there is always time to create a new fantastic adventure that makes us feel alive!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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