Do you remember when we were little children we had some ideas what we wanted to be? Boys often wanted to be a fireman. We looked up to them, because we rightfully felt that they are heroes. Somewhere in the depth of our hearts we wanted to be superheroes. Now, for us as adults that desire continues. We want to be super spouses, super dads, super mums, super employees, super business people, etc. We want to be supermen and supergirls. It is an amazing dream and we wish we could make it a reality. But…the fascinating thing is that you are already ALL OF THAT!

You are more powerful than you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams! You can be a super spouse and create amazing things for the love of your life. You can be a super dad or super mum and create intelligence for your children, their marks at school, friends and jobs for them etc. You can heal your loved ones and some strangers. You can make a difference in the world in more ways than you can ever imagine. You are born with all the qualities of a superhero and you are just learning who you really are. You can do anything and everything. You can create everything you desire for everyone! Do you realize how incredible that is? When my clients learn about it, they are in awe of the possibilities of what they can do. When they use the power of their minds and create their children getting straight A’s at school, they tell me with tears in their eyes how incredible their lives and lives of their children are. They are super parents! Kathy is a mother who healed her 3 year old child after he had viral meningitis. As an outcome of the condition, he could not stand up, drink or eat solid food as his muscles were affected and swallowing was a big issue. All he could consume was mash food. He was in the hospital for two months. I advised Kathy what to do to heal her son. She did exactly what I asked her to do and she followed my instructions. The doctors were shocked by his sudden progress. Her little boy drinks liquids and eats solid food. He walks and plays climbing ladders and he is an intellectually a normal boy. “It is a miracle,” Kathy said as she was wiping the tears of joy. “Yes, it is,” I confirmed. “And you created that miracle!”, I added. “By doing exactly what I asked you to do.” We were both sitting in silence for a while overwhelmed by gratitude. Thanks to Kathy’s determination her little boy is going to have a normal life. Kathy is a super mum!

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You have the power to create miracles for everyone in your life. You are already a superhero! The only thing is…you need to know that you are.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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