Would it be awesome if we could make right decisions? If we knew that whatever we decide on is going to turn out in our favor?

I have great news for you!!! You already have a build in system that provides you with making the right choices. I am sure that you have had gut feelings/intuition in your life. It was that feeling that told you to do something or go in a different direction. Those gut feelings/intuition will guide you and protect you. When you listen to them, you will find out that you will make right decisions and very quickly. Every time we follow a gut feeling things go our way. How many times we find ourselves wondering which choice we should make. Which one would be the most promising? Sometimes, we even draw a line on a piece of paper and write the benefits for each decision. At the very end, when the paper shows us which choice we should make, we often pick the opposite one, simply because it feels good.

I am going to tell you, how I made a business decision about something that was completely new to me. Shortly after I started my business, my clients were telling me that what I do is so incredible and I should have someone to market me on the internet. It was before the social media term was invented. I invited four people to my office, one by one, to explain what was that they could do for me. Each person gave me some ideas. Some where different, some where the same. After I interviewed them, I sat down and looked at the notes I took. I consulted my gut feeling. That feeling told me which ideas to use. They just simply felt right. At the same time, my gut feeling told me that I needed a special person to do it for me. I pictured in my mind that I have that person. The very next morning, I went to the BNI meeting and a lady told me that she met this amazing person, who does marketing on the internet. I called that person. She came to my office and gave me some ideas. They were different from what my gut feeling told me. But, I had a feeling that the person sitting in front of me was the right one. So, I asked her: Can you do this and that for me? – as I read my list of ideas. I do different things for people, she answered. Do you know how to do it? – I asked. Sure, she replied. I do it for myself, she added. Can you do it for me? – I asked. Yes, she confirmed. I became her first client in this regard. Now, she has lots of clients including me. The lady is so brilliant that thanks to her I have clients all over the country and all over the world. Her name is Mary Ann Cipressy. I just followed my gut feelings and made a right business decision about something that was completely unknown to me at that time.

Could that be so simple and so brilliant at the same time? Is following the gut feeling/intuition going to guide us in making the right decisions? We think that this world is so complicated, while it is very simple. We just need to understand how it works and use that knowledge to our advantage.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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