How to create more? More of what? Everything. How to create more clients, more money, more love in our relationships, more respect, more health, etc.

The first thing that we need is to understand that we create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel good do we create what we desire. In other words, only when we have good feelings do we create more of whatever we want. And…here…there is the fascinating point. If we want to create more of something we need to see what we already have.

Let me give you some examples.

If we want more clients we need to recognize that we already have clients. How many clients do we need to have in order to create more? ONE. It is very important how we feel about having that one client. The key is to recognize that we have a client. What do I mean by that? We have to be grateful for that one client. We need to get excited that we have that client. We only create what we want when we feel good. So, when we are grateful for that one client that feeling of gratitude makes us feel good. Do you know what happens when we feel thankful for that client? That good feeling creates another client and then another. Before we know it, we have many clients. And here something interesting happens. The better we feel the more clients we create and as the number of clients is increasing we are finding out that it becomes easier and easier to feel good. One of my clients, a hairdresser was so excited and so grateful about her two new clients that in a short period of time her business went to a completely new level. Everyone keeps asking her what is it that she is doing as they are amazed about the progress of her business. And…it all started with the gratitude for the two clients that she already had.

The same applies to creating more money. If we want to create more money we need to be grateful for the money we already have. Whether it is one dollar or one thousand dollars we need to get excited about it and be grateful that we have it. Remember? We can only create more of something when we feel good about it. So, how do we feel good about the money that we have? By feeling gratitude. Every time we pay a bill we need to be grateful that we have the money to pay for it. Can bills be good things? Let’s look at that from a different perspective. When we pay an electricity bill we have electricity in our home. We can watch great movies on TV, use our computer, charge our phone, have a cold drink from the fridge, have fun playing games, keep our home cool and warm, etc. Where would we be without electricity? We are so lucky that we have it. So, when we pay that electricity bill we are grateful for all the things that we have because we have electricity in our home. How about mortgage? We have a mortgage because we have purchased a home. We are a home owner! We have a roof over our heads that is ours. So, when we pay that bill we are grateful that we have our home. The same applies to everything that we pay for. We have a payment for our car. Well, we are excited and grateful that we have a car. And…above all every time we pay a bill we are grateful that have the money to pay for it. When we notice the money that we have and feel grateful for it we will create more of it. One of my clients was constantly comparing this year’s income to his past years that were better. We can only get more of something that we have. We have to feel good about what we have right now, whether it is a little or a lot. He changed how he feels and in his own words he said: “Wow!!! There has been an explosion of business!!!”

The same applies to our relationships. We need to be grateful for every kind word, every bit of love. When we are, we will create amazing relationships. If we want to heal ourselves we need to see the health that we have. We are grateful that we can see, we can hear and we can walk, etc. When we do that we will create more health.

So, whatever it is that we want, we need to be grateful and excited about what we already have. That will make us feel good and we will take our lives to a completely new level.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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