We all want to have abundance in every area of our lives. We want to love and be loved, appreciated, cherished, have great health and lots of money. That is the very dream of each of us. But in order to create it we need to have a very specific mind set first. We need to see ourselves being abundant before we can have those amazing things in our lives. One millionaire was asked; When did you become rich? His answer was; When I was still broke. That is the mindset we are talking about. We need to see in our minds having a wonderful relationship before we can create it. We need to see in our minds that we are perfectly healthy, before we can heal ourselves.

But just visualizing what it is that we want is not going to create it. It is a great start, but in order for our dreams to manifest we need to feel that we have them first. We need to feel that we have health, money, awesome relationships for them to materialize. Only when we feel what we see will it happen.

How often we think about abundance and it is not happening. The reason that it is not manifesting is that we think about having something, but we worry about our present situation. We think positive that we have it, but we feel that we don’t. Only when we think and feel that we have it are we going to see it in our lives.

How do we go about changing that?

We always need to notice what we have and what we don’t. For example, when we talk about a relationship we need to see the little things that we like about it. Be grateful for them. When we feel gratitude we create more of what it is that we are grateful for. As a result we will manifest the relationship the way we desire. The same applies to every area of our lives. For us to have more money or health we have to be grateful for what we have now. When I was sick with my incurable disease of the nervous system, I was always talking about being sick. When I became grateful that I could see, hear, talk, etc., I started to get better and better until I healed myself completely. I have been giving thanks for my health every single day.

Feeling of gratitude is extremely important in creating abundance. When we feel gratitude, we feel abundant and those feelings create our dreams. So, feel lots of gratitude for everything that you have and before you know it, you will have more and more…

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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