Can we have a peaceful life? Yes, we can! And the great news is that it is up to us. It depends on our mindset. To be more exact it depends on how calm we are. The calmer we are the more peaceful our life is going to be.

Have you noticed that when we are calm things go easier and faster? Of course they do! We create everything in our lives by the way we feel, so when we feel calm we create peace around us.

So, how can we grow our calmness?

Feel love for yourself and others. When we feel love we automatically become calm.

Any time you have someone around you that is not calm, feel love for yourself and that person. When you really feel it, you will be surprised to see that person becoming calm.

Watch lots of comedies. They make us feel good.

Listen to meditation.

Feel lots of gratitude.

Expect that your life is peaceful.

When you follow those simple points you will find that your life is going to be more and more peaceful. The calmer you become the more peaceful and more fun your life is going to be.

As a bonus… you will discover how many things are going to become simpler and go YOUR WAY!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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