Often we find ourselves in need of doing lots of things in a short period of time. How can we complete them in the most effective way?

There are two aspects that we need to look at. First, one is multitasking. Recently, scientists say that doing one thing at a time is more efficient than multitasking. Let’s analyze it. When we do more than one thing at a time, we switch between the tasks constantly. Every single time we do that, it takes our mind a moment to get back to the place where we left. So, as we keep changing what we do, all the moments add up. Only when we take one task at a time from the beginning to the finish, giving it full attention we realize how much faster we accomplish them comparing to multitasking. When I applied that idea of doing things one at a time, I was surprised how much time I had left over. I had everything done in 2/3 or half of the time compared to multitasking.

There is another very interesting thing that occurs when we do one thing at a time. A mind focused solely on one task is a much calmer mind. When we concentrate on one thing, we are much calmer comparing to doing many of them at the same time. The calmer we are the more efficient we become. As a result we do everything faster and we achieve more in a shorter period of time. At the end of the day we feel accomplished as we fully completed many things.

So, how do we become very efficient?

Calmness is the key to everything. When we do one thing at a time we stay calmer and we accomplish more in that short period of time. But there is a very interesting by product of that system. When we are calm we have more energy and as a result at the end of a day we feel much happier and much more energetic than ever before.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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