Confidence does not come from outside. It comes from inside. For others to have confidence in us, we have to have it in ourselves first.

So, how do we go about creating confidence?

The first and very important thing is to love ourselves. What I mean by that is to start seeing only beauty in ourselves. We need to become the kindest the most loving people to ourselves. No more guilt and beating ourselves up. We are learning to create in our lives what it is that we desire. So, we made a booboo on the way. See in your mind what it is that you would like instead and go for it. Pat yourself on the back for the smallest progress you make. Get excited about it! That great feeling creates more things that we desire and that builds confidence. See how beautiful and special you are.

Feel love for others. When we feel love we automatically become calm and calmness creates confidence.

Expect that everyone loves and adores you. When we feel lots of love for ourselves and others that expectation becomes automatic.

Understand the power of your mind. When you realize how your mind works and how to create everything that you desire the beginning of confidence is created.

Remember, you are not a little person in the big world, you are creating everything in your life. Our power goes beyond anything we can imagine!

And…have fun doing whatever it is that you do. When we have fun we have confidence.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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