My clients tell me that they are asked by their friends and family the same question: What do you do because you are so happy? I want to be as happy as you are, they comment. So, what is it that changes for my clients?

It is the knowledge of themselves and the world that makes ALL the difference. The biggest thing that we all want is to be happy. Everyone recognizes the fact that happiness is the ultimate goal in our lives. When we are happy everything changes.

So, what is this knowledge that creates our entire make over? Basically, the best qualities of our personalities that we possess come to the surface, get enhanced and shine with a completely new light. The most important piece of that knowledge is understanding who we really are. So, let me tell you who you are. You are a brilliant, loving and caring person. You are calm and confident. You love and respect yourself and as a result you love and respect everyone and everything. The whole point is that you already have those qualities, you just need to see them. You are already that person, you just need to become aware of it. How do you go about it? The answer is simpler than you realize. You have to do something that is completely new for you. You need to go beyond what you have ever done before!!! YOU NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE!!! What do I mean by it? I mean that you need to see only good in yourself. It goes beyond what you have ever done! This is something so completely new for all of us. Do you have a dog? Or have you ever had a dog? Look at the way dogs love us. They see only how amazing we are. They love us regardless of who we are, regardless of what we have done or what we look like, or whether we have money, or anything else for that matter. They love us because we exist. They see ONLY beauty in us!!! That is how we have to love ourselves. This is the kind of love that we need to learn. We need to acquire that kind of love. We are going into uncharted territory here. Whatever your upbringing is, even when you have learned how to love, it goes FAR BEYOND what you have ever done!!! In other words, you need to see yourself perfect.

How do we go about it? It is simpler and easier than you realize. You just need to say to yourself many times a day: I love you, (your name). You say it over and over and as a result you feel more and more love for yourself. The more love we feel for ourselves the happier we become.

As you feel love for yourself beyond everything you have ever felt, something incredible is happening. You feel love for others and everything beyond the level you have ever experienced. The more love you feel for yourself the more love you feel for others. There is another very important piece of knowledge that you need to know. You create everything in your life. You create everything by the way you feel. When you feel good you create what you desire. When we feel love, we feel good and as a result, things start going our way. Our relationships become amazing. We get perfect jobs and grow our businesses to completely new levels. We heal ourselves, etc. Things in our lives become simpler and easier, and more fun.

That takes our happiness to a completely new level…and a new level…and our lives become…truly MAGICAL…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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